Allan Bonadio Resume - tips for recruiters

Email - The best way to contact me is by email: . We can talk over the phone if there's a match.

I'm a little bit hard of hearing. I might not be able to understand if you call. Try Email first. I may just tell you to send an email and hang up.

Technologies - I'm looking for work doing Web Front End using ReactJS or React/Redux. I've got about 5 years of experience in React, two in Redux, 10+ years in web development. Doing graphics would be a great opportunity, and I have experience in SVG and WebGL.

Location - I live in San Francisco city, so I'm limiting my attention to San Francisco city, 100% Remote, or a hybrid in, or close, to SF. (Email me if you're not sure.) This includes: Alameda, Albany, Belmont, Berkeley, Brisbane, Burlingame, Colma, Daly City, Emeryville, Oakland, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Francisco, San Mateo, South San Francisco

Work Status - I am a native born US citizen. Right now, I'm looking for either Fulltime employment, with benefits, or W-2 contract work.

latest Resume - Latest resume, and my status, always at , or keep scrolling for this one.

Conflicts - Please ask me about a company over email (include the company name/spelling/website), before sending over my resume, so I have a record of who's doing whom.

JavaScript is not the same as J a ­v a. They are two completely different languages used for different situations. Don't contact me about J a ­v a jobs, I'm looking for a JavaScript job.

Allan Bonadio

Senior UI/UX and Graphics Developer

San Francisco, CA       415-216-5735 (please text or email first!)

Professional Summary

Accomplished Senior UI/UX and Graphics developer with over 10 years of experience designing interactive HTML user interfaces for multiple companies on a wide variety of platforms, including 5 years of ReactJS. Also accomplished in various graphics technologies (SVG, WebGL). Experienced with the full software development lifecycle (SDLC). Experienced working on cross-functional teams with Engineers, UX Designers, Product Managers, CI/CD, etc. Extensive experience programming with JavaScript and its various plugins and frameworks, including NodeJS and ReactJS.


• Single-handedly designed and began implementation of a user interface for an AI-driven drone testbench.
• Single-handedly designed and developed a user interface for a quantum mechanics simulation application
• Single-handedly designed and completed a user interface for configuring DNS resolvers and their active subnets, policies, blacklists, whitelists and redirections
• Spearheaded a role/permission system to better control access to features in a website monitoring product
• Led the overhaul of's front page and two dozen other related pages involving contact forms, interfacing, phone tracking, and the company's army of backend servers
• Developed a comprehensive map of merchant locations utilizing Google Maps


WebApp on Project AirSim   Microsoft Corporation | Original and Only Web Developer


First and only programmer to put a Web UI on Project AirSim, a robotic drone AI testbench running in an Epic Unreal game engine
Developed React application for controlling simulation environment, provisioning, etc.
Interfaced Epic Unreal engine PixelStreaming (WebRTC) to WebApp
Interfaced to main servers via WebSockets
Assembled overall WebApp system utilizing 4 servers
Worked with a programming group with little to no experience with web development or databases

Squishy Electron, myself | Founding Developer


Developed Real-Time, interactive quantum mechanical simulation, in a web browser
All calculations done client-side, with no server needed
Developed React UI from scratch using native DOM widgets, scss and ES2021
Developed interactive SVG and hit testing and dragging, and WebGL display onto canvas
Developed numerical integration of Schrödinger's equation using Visscher's algorithm
Developed C++ in-browser, with Enscriptem and WebAssembly; also C++ unit tests

McKesson | Senior UI Developer


Developed UI in a mixed React/Redux and GWT environment with ES2018
Developed Redux stores with Immutable and Saga
Rectified a widespread CSS problem with mixed stylesheets that everybody else had given up on
Discovered, fixed, and explained a SCSS problem that everybody in the office was oblivious to
Analyzed and explained a performance bug where components were re-rendered more than 30 times
Lots and lots of unit tests using Mocha and Chai
Participated in Code Reviews

JP Morgan Chase | Senior UI Developer


Designed and Developed a Source Code Ownership Management System in React/Redux
Designed and Developed the first unit test framework that allowed in-browser testing in the company
Developed a chat client for use in testing the chat system
Added features to the chat system
Worked with ARIA on the website, esp VoiceOver
Participated in Code Reviews, wrote Unit Tests for Test Automation

Enzyme | Volunteer Tech Writer


Rewrote a significant part of the API documentation as open-source project.

Regularized Terminology

Added or Rewrote Introductions to Clarify Data Structures and Mechanisms

Neustar | Senior UI Developer


Designed, developed and tested various commercial user interfaces for load testing, website testing, and DNS filtering
Spearheaded the design of a role/permission system to better control access to various features
Developed unit and automated integration tests using Jasmine and WebDriver
Contributed to Design, Wireframes, Mockups and Code Reviews
Drove innovation by using the latest Web and UI technologies
Utilized JavaScript, React/Redux, D3, JIRA, Confluence, git, Promises and heavy asynchronous programming, ECMA6, and countless JS plugins including: jQuery, Chosen, and hogan/Mustache, to create a more interactive UI | Senior UI Developer


Developed and maintained a next-generation website based on back­bone.js, P­HP, JavaScript, Node.js, Apache, git, svn, Photoshop, hogan/Mustache, jQuery, underscore.js, 'AJAX' and SF­DC

Ruckus Wireless | Senior UI Developer | 2012

Tesla Motors | UI Developer | 2011-2012

Levi Strauss & Co | Backend Developer | 2011

Think Computer Corporation | Senior Full Stack Developer | 2009-10 | Web Developer | 2008

PayPal, Inc | Backend C++ Developer | 2005-6


BS in Applied and Engineering Physics | Cornell University.

Minored in Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science.

Core Technologies

| bash | C++ | CI/CD | CSS3 | d3 | DOM | ES12 (ES6) | eslint | express | Google Chrome extensions | HTML5 | internationalization | Jasmine | JavaScript | JSON | Material UI | Mocha/Chai | MySQL | NGINX | NodeJS | npm | Promises | Python | React | Redux | regular expressions | RESTful APIs | Selenium/WebDriver | StoryBook | Stellar Nucleosynthesis | SVG | TDD | Unreal PixelStreaming | WebGL | Webpack | WebSockets |


• Bonadio, A.B.: Method and System for UI for Graphical File Management, US Patent 7,075,550. 2006.

• Gonnet, Gaston H., and Bonadio, Allan: Partial inverse heuristic for the approximate solution of non-linear equations, Informatik E. T. H. Zurich, Switzerland and Waterloo Maple, San Francisco. 1998.

• Bonadio, A.B.: Apparatus and UI Method for Interactively Manipulating Mathematical Equations, US Patent 5,189,633. 1993.

• Bonadio, A.B.: Mathematical User Interfaces for Graphical Workstations, Proceedings of the IFIP TC2/WG 2.5 Working Conference on Programming Environments for High-Level Scientific Problem Solving. September 1991 Karlsruhe, Germany, pp331-342.